CALL US (855) 998-8726 King Engine Bearings Main Bearing Set for 2013 INFINITI EX37(MB4524SI)
King Engine Bearings Main Bearing Set for 2013 INFINITI EX37(MB4524SI)
Carrying on a tradition of durability and dependability, KING Bi-Metal (aluminum) engine bearings feature 100% lead-free aluminum silicon. King has 4 different variations of their aluminum based bearings: (AM-Series) K-783 -Standard aluminum based material, equivalent to SAE-783, used for low and medium load engines. King AM-Series main and ...
King Engine Bearings

King Engine Bearings

King Engine Bearings Main Bearing Set for 2013 INFINITI EX37(MB4524SI)

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Carrying on a tradition of durability and dependability, KING Bi-Metal (aluminum) engine bearings feature 100% lead-free aluminum silicon. King has 4 different variations of their aluminum based bearings: (AM-Series) K-783 -Standard aluminum ... read more
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Carrying on a tradition of durability and dependability, KING Bi-Metal (aluminum) engine bearings feature 100% lead-free aluminum silicon.

King has 4 different variations of their aluminum based bearings:

(AM-Series) K-783 -Standard aluminum based material, equivalent to SAE-783, used for low and medium load engines.

King AM-Series main and rod bearings are recommended for street or marine applications. They have superior embeddability, which provides greater macro-particle and reduces scratching of the crank journals and tearing or weakening of the Babbitt overlays. The direct replacements feature tolerance control up to +/- .0001—and they're lead-free, making them environmentally friendly and user-safe. Order the King AM-Series rod bearings in the application designed for proper fitment with your vehicle.

(SI-Series) K-788 -Aluminum based material, strengthen by 2.5-3% silicon, for medium load engines or nodular cast iron crankshafts.

King SI-Series main and rod bearings are recommended for OE applications. These replacement bearings are designed for aftermarket gasoline or diesel engine rebuilding—and performance engines with factory crankshafts. The bearings have an improved crankshaft finish for reducing microscopic ferrite peaks on improperly ground or polished nodular cast iron crankshafts. King SI-Series main and rod bearings feature improved oil clearance to reduce wear and increase engine life, which in turn reduces operating noise, vibration, and excess oil flow. Order the bearing set designed for fitment on your make and model.

(SM-Series) K-789 -Aluminum alloy bonding layer. The strongest aluminum based material. The alloy is strengthened by addition of Manganese and Chromium (Mn, Cr), Used for high load applications.

For high load and performance applications, King SM-Series main and rod bearings are the strongest aluminum-based material offered by King. The alloy is strengthened by the addition of manganese and chromium. SM-Series crankshaft main bearings feature a traditional steel-backing, aluminum bonding layer, and the aluminum bearing alloy. They are available for a wide variety of vehicle and engine applications.

(HP-Series) K-787 - King HP-Series rod bearings were developed mainly for drag race applications needing a material harder than the Babbitt top layer. These applications demanded a structure that could withstand high loads for short durations and still offer higher embeddability and compatibility. In response, King developed the HP-Series featuring the Alecular metal structure.

The HP-Series is also suited for many performance applications with nodular cast iron crankshafts, such as street, strip, and some levels of Circle Track racing.

HP-Series bearings are particularly suitable for the following cases:

  • When a tri-metal bearing's Babbitt overlay extrudes over the sides, migrates to one end, or is physically removed by the crankshaft
  • When the intermediate layer of a tri-metal bearing is exposed, damaging the crank journal and requiring expensive grinding or replacement
  • When contaminants enter the oil stream, scratching and damaging the crankshaft journals

Check your bearing size using our fitment calculator here

Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailStockPriceAdd to Cart
 MB4524SIInfiniti EX35 (2008-2012)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti EX37 (2013)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti FX35 (2009-2012)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti FX37 (2013)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti G35 (2007-2008)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti G37 (2008-2013)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti M35 (2009-2010)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti M35h (2012-2013)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti M37 (2011-2013)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q40 (2015)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q50 (2014-2021)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q50 (2014-2018)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q50 (2016-2022)3L V6 2997cc | VR30DDTTIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q60 (2014-2016)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q60 (2017-2022)3L V6 2997cc | VR30DDTTIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q70 (2014-2019)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q70 (2014-2018)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti Q70L (2015-2019)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti QX50 (2014-2017)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SIInfiniti QX70 (2014-2020)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SINissan 350Z (2007-2009)3.5L V6 3498cc | VQ35HRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SINissan 370Z (2009-2021)3.7L V6 3696cc | VQ37VHRIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
 MB4524SINissan GT-R (2009-2022)3.8L V6 3799cc | VR38DETTIn Stock$82.08BUY
+ -
bimetal (aluminum silicon base)
King Bearings
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Additional Info

We are Bearing Specialists

King Engine Bearings was founded in 1960 with one objective: to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace.

By specializing in engine bearings, King has built an extensive product offering that includes a wide range of engine bearings for automobiles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines. Every King bearing utilizes the highest quality materials and the most advanced designs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

From concept to final product, everything is done under one roof. This allows King to produce bearings more efficiently and with more accuracy in order to keep up with the needs of our customers. During production, all bearings must pass rigorous quality control checkpoints throughout the entire process. This stringent system of multiple quality checks ensures that only the highest quality bearings ever make it into our customers’ hands.

King is the first choice in the extremely demanding; aviation; and racing industries due to our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of those industries. This knowledge and experience is then applied to every aftermarket bearing we make.

To achieve our goal of supplying the highest quality bearings, we had to reinvent the entire manufacturing process from the ground up, making King a pioneer in developing proprietary manufacturing machinery and multi-function, high speed  production lines.


All new King products are warranted to be free from defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of Activation and no longer than 2 years from the purchase date. Warranty applies for only for products which were activated in i-King system. Warranty is referring to King's products listed in King online catalog and only for King branded products in King boxes. Purchaser agrees that it's sole and exclusive claims against King Engine Bearings shall be limited to the claims set forth in the section “Warranty Limitations”. King will not be liable for any damage, resulting from delay in delivery or installation of the products or any failure to preform as a result of circumstances behind its control. Maximum liability for damages or injuries of any kind in property or persons, is limited to an amount of the purchased product, unless decided otherwise by King following King claim analysis.

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